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crossing po
Download playzebra perpetual screensaver.
Version 1.1

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mediakit 2007 zebra crossing 03
Download Playzebra Mediakit 2007 for next issue.
T he project, staff, target, distribution, magazine, how is play.

Pdf zipped ita/eng (990 KB)

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  zebra crossing 03
Press review 2005-2007 (pdf zipped 10 MB)
2005: Torinoforum, UnDo, Exibart
2006: Exibart, Il Gazzettino, Supereva, Teknemedia, UnDo, La Stampa
2007: Progetto Grafico, City Torino, Grigiotorino, La Stampa, Torinoforum
We Love Magazines, Goldworld, Nda net, Carlotta Latessa, Torino7

Playzebra mag #01
(pdf zipped 684 KB)

Playzebra mag #02 (pdf zipped 780 KB)

Playzebra mag #03 (pdf zipped 2,4 MB)

Video crossing.03 (mov zipped 32,6 MB)

Playzebra mag #04 (pdf zipped 8,8 MB)

Video Alvise Bittente - Play the art cover #04 (mov zipped 26 MB)

Video Cristina Mandelli- Play the art cover #04 (mov zipped 30,8 MB)